Stop fighting about money
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Is your blissful love being ruined by fighting about money? 

Are you feeling frustrated, angry or think it's hopeless?

How to stop fighting about money - free download

This doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. Use these simple six steps to:

  • Discover what you are really fighting about... no it's not just about how much they spend
  • Learn how to speak each other's "money language" and then release tension and fear  
  • Understand what money means to you and to your partner
  • Realise why it's so important to have "play money"  

I’m writing to you to say that your techniques are working for me! Thank you!



Thanks a lot. Great service. This really changed my life.



This book showed me the problem and I made a change that helped me with my girlfriend.


Anandi Peters Relationship Coach and Author

My name is Anandi Peters. As a relationship coach, I’ve had the privilege of inspiring and empowering people from all over the world to restore relationships that have faded or exploded into oblivion.  

Why am I so passionate about teaching you how to rekindle your love? Because against all odds, I discovered the secrets of great relationships… and I have found greater love and happiness within my newly restored relationship, than I ever thought possible.

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